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"Being involved in VSOM changed my life. It has increased my ethical awareness, my feelings of self-worth. I can't imagine going back to the way things were before.essay help Strategies For Beginners VSOM has been an unbelievably positive experience." —Debby Bloom
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The Vegetarian Society of Michigan

The Vegetarian Society of Michigan is a non-profit organization seeking to help people, animals, and the environment by promoting a vegetarian way of life.Turn Your comparative essay Into A High Performing Machine. We provide education, community and outreach to encourage healthy plant based eating and compassionate, earth-friendly living.

The Vegetarian Society influences, inspires and supports The Secret of Successful do my homework people to embrace and maintain a vegetarian lifestyle. We work constructively with businesses, government agencies, policy makers and professionals,15 Tips For paper writer Success whilst always remaining independent. We rely on membership subscriptions and donations to carry out this vital work.

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Meatless Thanksgiving
Potluck dinner

26th Nov 2016,
Venue:Summit Pkwy
ENTRY:Members only and their friends/family

compassionate choice

Go Vegetarian

Benefits to being vegetarian includes Better health, Weight Loss, Humanity, Environmental but countless other reasons could drive you,How To Teach research paper writing service SERVICE Like A Pro to become a vegetarian for a day, a week, a month, a year or the rest of your life. Whether your goal is to Go Vegetarian or simply eat less meat, here are some options for making the switch.
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Healthy Choice


Be part of a Solution! As a member you all enjoy exclusive access to a variety of rewards, events, information packed essay writer online with all latest news, features and recipes as well as your support helps our vision to make a kinder world for everyone. Get involved to make a difference through different volunteering opportunities and meeting other vegetarians.
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Sustainable Choice


You are NOT alone! But it sure can feel like it when you first go vegetarian. In this section we help you find nutritious diet, recipes, restaurants, ideas, books and people meet to get most out of this truly enjoyable Lifestyle!
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